Avon Riparian Condition

Avon Riparian Condition

Sedimentation of the Avon River has caused the infilling of iconic river pools, degradation of water quality and the reduction of environmental, recreational, cultural and aesthetic river amenity. Sediments mobilised from the catchment and within the river channel as a result of widespread land clearance for agriculture, urban development and the River Training Scheme are responsible. In light of the predicted drying climate, the capacity of the river to naturally remove the excess sediments is not great. Stabilising sediments in the catchment and along the river through revegetation, stock exclusion, erosion control and sustainable agricultural practices are key to river restoration.

How can we monitor progress?

At Wheatbelt NRM Inc. we have searched for data that can help us comment on the status of sedimentation in the Avon River. At the top level we have compiled data on riparian condition; at a broader scale we have assessed the potential of each catchment in the zone of rejuvenated drainage to contribute sediment to the river.

Catchment sediment contribution - River Function map

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Turn on the “Sedimentation” layer to see the Potential of catchments in the zone of rejuvenated drainage to contribute sediment to the Avon River. Source: Wheatbelt NRM Inc.

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